Dollarphotoclub_69338118Every Policeman, Firefighter, EMS provider, or Soldier can tell you that no crisis response is ever the same. The key is to find the commonalities across all of these events and make your training mimic that.

The EAX Tactical Athlete Program boils down to the ONE thing you need in every situation: High Quality Movement.

Our comprehensive training approach is designed by professionals who made their living in extremely demanding environments. Let our world class coaching staff prepare you for the infinite, multi-directional, random, and chaotic demands that your job will throw your way.

Our integrated team approach combines experts in functional training, human performance, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and recovery. This staff will prepared you physically, and mentally for anything that might come your way.

Dollarphotoclub_69153459Assessment Preparation:

Our training staff has not only helped numerous personnel train and prepare for various physical assessment programs, but many of us have been through them ourselves. Contact us now to help you prepare for yours.