8 May 2017

Evolution Athletics – CrossFit EAX

STR A: (12 Min) Build to Max Snatch Grip Deadlift with a 3 second pause 1″ off floor.

Even Min – 6 Front Rack walking lunges AHAP
Odd Min –  Rest

C: 20 Min EMOM:
Even Min: 8 Calories Row
6 Hang Cleans 95/65
Max Toes to Bar in remainder of time
Odd Min: Rest

D: Accessory work– 4 Rounds NFT
10 x Reverse Hypers at 50% max Squat
1 minute ISOmetric hold at bottom of squat with bands around knees

-Evolution – (ev-uh-loo-shun) – A continuing process of  gradual and progressive formation, growth, or development-

Daily Evolution – Improve 1% Every day