The Evolution Athletics Story

Evolution Athletics is the synthesis of ideas from years of real world study and experience from traditional strength and conditioning realms, new era human performance programs, and sports science. Chris McNamara’s extensive background in sport and real world applications of peak human performance at the highest levels provides unique insight on how to combine best practices from all of the aforementioned realms. He identified the fact that this training experience did not exist in the Sandhills. Additionally, in many cities a facility of this caliber is reserved for professional athletes alone. Due to these circumstances, Chris decided to bridge this gap in a merger of thought process and the way it was conveyed to the public.

At Evolution Athletics we have different programs designed to suit any performance goal. Whether it is to run a faster 5k, complete a triathlon, be a better golfer, or improve general physical fitness we have a program to help meet your needs. This unique blend of Sport Science, Professional Coaching, and evidence-based performance programs will help you safely, effectively, and efficiently achieve your goals.