March Member Highlight – Amy Ravelo

Amazing Mom – Awesome Family – She makes all of us better every day!

Get to know our EAX Family!

We love our jobs because of the people we get to work with on a daily bases.  Because of that, we want everyone to know about the amazing people we have in the Evolution Athletics Tribe.  This month we asked the incredible Mrs. Amy Ravelo to tell us a little about her time with us. It would take a lifetime to explain all of the awesome things we love about this hardworking, skydiving, PR-crushing wife and mother of 2.  So instead of us trying to do that, we wanted one of our O.G. members to let you hear it from her.

1. Before finding us, what was your struggle or what were your biggest frustrations?

I’m a fairly reserved person, so I’ve always been “afraid” at the thought of joining a new gym. That awkward moment when you first walk in and everyone looks at the new girl & sizes her up. Especially after coaching for a couple years, being well versed in the community, having a good understanding on nutrition, etc. and then having to take several years off (while we struggled to have children), I felt very embarrassed about coming back into the community and feeling so out of shape. Knowing what I used to be capable of doing made it difficult for me to walk into a gym knowing I was essentially starting over after not being involved in it for several years. The toughest part was getting over my own mental roadblocks.

She can do this all day!

2. How did your struggle or frustrations affect your life either in or outside of the gym? What did you feel like before you made your transformation?

In a nutshell, I am not “Amy” without the gym. I’m not “Amy” without physically challenging myself. I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something physically. Even if that means knowing when to back off because of an injury, over exhaustion, the normal challenges of parenting, you name it. I have three-year-old twins who need me in some physical capacity – whether it’s chasing them in the front yard or carrying them because they still need their mommy to console them from time to time. The last thing I want is to feel like I’m incapable as a human and especially as a mother. It’s a proud moment when I can walk into a store and another woman will compliment me on my arms. It’s a small thing to some, and I realize it’s cosmetic/exterior, but I knew what it took to get that and it makes me smile on the inside. 🙂

3. How did our gym/program help you?

I’m truly amazed at how I’ve progressed since joining EAX in October 2016. Sure, I have my setbacks; I don’t PR every day, I don’t always have the best time on the board or heaviest lifts. And sometimes I have to hold back because I had a tough day the day before, or I didn’t sleep well, or the kids demanded a lot of me. But overall, I can say that I’m stronger as a woman and a mother than I ever was; even in what I used to consider my best life – back in 2011. The programming is top notch!

Got Tickets?

4. How is life different for you now?

When I’m taking time four to five days a week to focus on me in the gym, I’m 100% a better, happier and obviously healthier person for myself and my family. And on top of that, I’ve gained relationships/friendships with other athletes that I would never have had otherwise.

5. What is your favorite gym memory of your time with us?

I think one of my favorite memories was the night of the Nutrition challenge earlier in the year. I’m not one to really win anything and even though I didn’t take first place, it was really exciting to know how far I had come from when we started the challenge to completion. Between the fat percentage loss and inches lost, I was really proud of myself. Granted, I’ve probably reversed all of that in the past few months 🙂 but I’ll always have that moment to remember.

Her fitness isn’t confined to the 4 walls of the gym.

We couldn’t have said things any better ourselves and we couldn’t be any happier to call Amy a part of our Tribe since the start. She’s a staple of our 0730 crew and one of the reasons we love doing what we do. Drop in one day to see for yourself or join the EAX Family in any of our other programs and let us help you start your own daily pursuit of awesomeness!

-Evolution Athletics Team