May Member Highlight – Blendi Rife

From riddled with back pain after a car accident to finishing Spartan Races with ease!

Get to know our EAX Family!

We love our jobs and the people we get to work with on a daily basis.  Because of that, we want everyone to know about the amazing people we have in the Evolution Athletics Tribe.  This month we asked the incredible Mrs. Blendi Rife to tell us a little about her time with us. Besides being one of the nicest people we’ve ever met, Blendi is one of the hardest working as well!  This wonderful woman runs a hand-painted wooden flag company called Blendico, runs a social media page for events within Moore County (@LoveMooreNC), assembled hundreds of rifles for a local owned firearms company UnbrandedAR, and somehow still finds time to do her hardest job – being a military spouse to one of America’s finest warriors!

Results don’t lie.

It has been incredible to watch the life-changing transformation Blendi has worked for since she stepped through our doors nearly 2 years ago. Inspirational weight loss during our nutrition challenge, battling back from a car accident, conquering her fears with rope climbs and box jumps, as well as recently running a local 5k and Spartan Race. In other words, this lady is a badass in every sense of the word! We could go on and on all day, but it is better if you hear it from her.

Blendi is a beautiful, loving, hardworking wife that only makes up part of this superhero duo.  Every time you are around them you leave as a better person!

1. Before finding us, what was your struggle or what were your biggest frustrations?

My biggest struggle was trying to find the balance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle all the while making sure that my back was not being subjected to any more injuries. In 2012 I was in a car accident that resulted in a herniated disc. Since the accident, I have been cautious with my back which has resulted in me not being as active in the workout world as I would like to be.

2. How did your struggle or frustrations affect your life either in or outside of the gym? What did you feel like before you made your transformation?

There was a constant struggle between wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle and being cautious with my back. There were days where getting out of bed or even tying my shoe was a difficult task to accomplish because of my back. My frustration also came from the injuries that would occur due to my lack of knowing what workouts to do when I was at the gym.

3. How did our gym/program help you?

When I first signed up at Evolution Athletics I told the coaches about my injury. Before the workouts, they make sure that I have the movement and posture down. If a movement or workout causes any pain at all, they will make me try something else. They remind me over and over the importance of strengthening my core so that it takes pressure off of my back. Ever since I started at EAX, my pain has lessened. Less pain has given me the ability to be consistent at the gym and actually start reaching my goals. It also means less pain pill intake. I have reduced my medication by half!

4. How is life different for you now?

The pills I am prescribed really take a toll on my mood and mental state. I can’t think clearly after I take them. I am also not the happy/energetic person that I normally am after taking some. By not taking as much, I am a better human being overall. I am neither drowsy nor angry.

5. What is your favorite gym memory of your time with us?

My favorite gym memory is 17.1 Everything about it. Seeing my whole gym family supporting one another was beautiful. That’s what the Crossfit community is about. Seeing my judge and the crowd yelling, pushing and motivating me to get through such a rough workout is what made me come back to do 17.2.

Rope Climbs and Box Jumps? Easy day for the Captain of our winning Intramural Open team!   

We couldn’t have said things any better ourselves and we couldn’t be any happier to call Blendi a part of our Tribe since the start. She’s a constant motivator and one of the reasons we love doing what we do. Drop in one day to see for yourself and join the EAX Family. Let us help you start your own daily pursuit of awesomeness!

-Evolution Athletics Team