Membership Benefits

What membership benefits do Evolution Athletics athletes receive?

Facility and Equipment

You receive access to our entire facility to include equipment and recovery modalities used by elite and professional athletes. Standard gyms in the area charge $49.99 sign up plus monthly fees just to give you access to dumbbells and treadmills.


Personal Trainers charge $30-200 an hour depending on skill level and experience. Your price includes a structured program designed off of an evidence based fitness model that guarantees results. You also gain access to the motivation and technique development process that only a skilled coach can provide. Our coaches aren’t just weekend wonders either. Each of our coaches is well educated in strength and conditioning with some coaching at the most elite levels of performance.


At Evolution Athletics we foster an environment of family and community unlike any other gym you may have been to in the past. Our staff and members alike are joined by a common bond to make each other better in some way, every day.


If you’re the type who has paid for a gym membership in the past and then gave up after the first month because your excitement wore off, then allow us to help you stick with the program. Our coaches and other members create an environment based on a group dynamic and family feel that will give you the motivation to get out of bed and into the gym on those cold mornings. You’ll always take that extra step for others before yourself.

Measurable, Repeatable, Documented Results

The old saying “what gets checked gets done” has never been more true. At EA, we will help you through measurable and repeatable tests to truly show improvements in performance. Not only that, but through automatic enrollment in a program called Wodify, we will help you to track every rep or every minute of your workouts and even every meal you eat if you choose. From there you will have the option to study the information with our coaching staff or even share it with others through social media. You’ll never be left guessing on where you stand and you’ll fall in love with the ability to share your success with others.

Recovery Modalities

Recover. Adapt. This is how improvements to your health are made. No other facility in the area offers access to the recovery tools available at Evolution Athletics. Using the same recovery tools that professional and Olympic athletes have, you will be able to train harder with less cumulative stress on the body. That translates to better gains while staying healthy for the long term!

Tactical Athletes

Tactical Athletes train for more than a score on a whiteboard or their name in flashing lights. These special athletes train for duty and life where function is more important than wins and losses. Each day these athletes face new and unexpected challenges, conditions, or terrain and the situations are complex requiring various physical skills and assets to succeed or even survive. We take great pride in serving tactical athletes and helping them prepare for the unknown and unknowable. Special Packages are available for tactical athletes (Military, Firefighter, EMS, and Law Enforcement). Please contact us for more information.

Individualized programming / remote coaching

Are you preparing for a very specific event or need personalized help to attain a certain goal? Do you need help structuring your training program? Let us take the stress off of your shoulders in this area by specifically targeting your goals and developing a training program that will help you overcome whatever obstacle it is in front of you. Please contact us for details.

** All membership agreements include discounts on merchandise, metabolic testing, and preference for any courses or seminars held at Evolution Athletics.