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Chris McNamara 

I have always been captivated by what humans are capable of achieving.  This fascination has been cultivated by my own endeavors across multiple sporting types, a 12+ year career in the SOF Community (Including 12 deployments), and as a cancer survivor. My intrigue has also been nurtured by a career as a healthcare provider where you are given an intimate exposure to a human’s will to fight, survive, adapt, and overcome whatever is put in front of them.

During that time I’ve experienced the joys of winning every so often, the shame and self-doubt of losing even more often, and the realization that, at times, my life – or my teammate’s lives – literally depended on my body’s state of readiness. I can say I am truly thankful for every moment of that journey.

My career has afforded some amazing opportunities and exposures that fed into this passion to understand human performance along the way. From being introduced to (my passion) CrossFit in the earliest days through some co-workers, to meeting with or having access to the work of Mark Verstegen, Mark Twight, Dan John, Greg Glassman, Mark Rippetoe (who helped us implement the Ranger Athlete Warrior (R.A.W.) program for 1st Ranger Battalion in 2006), I have been given the amazing opportunity to build a solid foundation from which I could grow and learn.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a coaching mentorship at Exos (Formerly Athlete’s Performance Institute / API) in Gulf Breeze, Florida. This facility is best known for testing, training, and improving professional and Olympic caliber Athletes. They also have a program known as the Comeback Initiative, which provides the same opportunities to wounded Special Operations Forces (SOF) Soldiers. While I had been trained and coached in the Exos/API System for almost 5 years, this is the first time I was able to attend the professional facility in a coaching mentorship capacity. It had life changing effects.

Exos incorporates a holistic approach to each athlete and uses the underlying components of movement, mindset, recovery, and nutrition to help their athletes reach peak human performance regardless of their job or sport.  By incorporating the Exos methodology with my prior experience and passion to help others get more out of life by getting more out of their bodies, the idea for Evolution Athletics was born. Our goal is to empower our clients – stay at home parents, corporate execs, and athletes of all types – to enjoy a long, happy, and fulfilling life. We develop and deliver evidence-based health and fitness programs that will help translate to success in all areas of life or sport through physical, mental, and emotional preparation.

If I’ve learned anything over the course of my life, it is to share and give more than I expect to receive in return. It is my hope that others can gain something from my knowledge, life experience, and passion to see them get more out of themselves than even they thought possible.

Coaching Certifications and Courses

  • EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS)
  • EXOS Fitness Specialist
  • EXOS Tactical Training Systems Coach
  • USA Weightlifting Advanced Sport Performance Coach (L2)
  • Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3)
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
  • CrossFit Endurance Certification
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer’s Course
  • Athlete’s Performance Institute Mentorship
  • Parabellum Training Camp at Muscle Driver USA
  • Pendlay Level 1&2
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

 Notable Finishes

  • 2014 State Weightlifting Champion (77kg)
  • 2nd Place 2014 SuperFit Cary Competition
  • 3rd Place 2013 NC State Weightlifting Championship (85kg)
  • 10th Place 2013 CrossFit Regional Team Competition – Mid-Atlantic Region
  • 1st Place 2012 World Wide WOD – The Fall
  • 1st Place 2012 CrossFit Charlotte Open
  • 2nd Place 2012 World Wide WOD – Aftermath
  • 1st Place 2010 10 Hour Beach Extreme Adventure Race
  • Carolina Fitness Challenge – Top 10 finish 3 years running
  • 3rd Place 2010 Stockholm Sweden Throwdown

Dan Tire DL

 Daniel Skidmore

 Daniel grew up and graduated high school in Athens, Ohio where he played Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, and Track.

After high school, he enlisted in the Air Force and spent 9 years in Special Operations where he enjoyed sky diving, scuba diving, learning new skills, and delivering freedom (1 “cleared hot” at a time).

He began his CrossFit journey in January 2009. Having tried multiple other “functional fitness” programs, he was drawn to CrossFit by its competitive and “performance based” nature. He has qualified and competed 4 years in the CrossFit Games Regional events, 1 time on a Team, 3 times individually.

Daniel has also qualified for Nationals in the North American Strongman Corporation while competing in the under 200lb class.

Outside of the gym, he is a proud father.

Michelle Biography pic

Michelle Jansen

Michelle married her best friend 14 years ago and together they have three beautiful daughters. They both promote a healthy lifestyle and live a busy life. Michelle started CrossFit in 2009 and found what would change everything about fitness for her. She fell in love with CrossFit from the moment she did that first excruciating WOD and has never looked back.

In 2011, Michelle received her Level 1 Certification and began her journey as a Trainer. Michelle has never stopped learning and developing as a Coach and as an athlete. Michelle has attended The CrossFit Endurance Certification, a Pose Running course taught by Doctor Romanov, the CrossFit Defense Course, Olympic lifting seminars.  Michelle has developed her own unique coaching style by teaching athletes to master the basics and leading group classes of 20+ athletes. Michelle is very compassionate and dedicated to the people she trains. “It is by far the most rewarding job on the planet!”

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