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Aaron W. – Summer + Fall 2015 – Remote Coaching Athlete



First off, hope all is well man! I’ve been down at Benning for about a month and have been crushing it. I’ll tell you up front that I’m headed to Ranger School this Sunday (06Sep). Here’s how I got to this point (this will be rather long):

I reported 10 days early to my IBOLC class start date, signed in off leave, and began my 10-day PTDY. Had to come in during to TDY to handle some in-processing stuff and came to find out that my class had been overbooked and too many students were present, so some were going to get the chopping block and be pushed back to the next class start date. In light of that, they started offering guys tryout opportunities to attend RS early. Being that I was currently in the best shape of my life thanks to some kick-ass programming over the Summer months and hard work put in, I was the first man to jump on the opportunity. About 15 out of 140 volunteered for the tryout. So, I was given a one day heads up and was scheduled for an RPFT the next day and an 8 mile ruck the following day. Crushed the pushups (all with perfect form), situps were a breeze, and cruised my 5 mile for a time of 36:15. I finished 5th out of 14 on the run (one guy backed out last minute) and then found out there were only 7 slots available. So the next day, I was gunning for first place in the ruck to secure that spot. We were carrying about 40lbs dry, had to carry 9qts of total water, wore full uniform (minus headgear) and a load carrier. I ran more than 50% of the time and put just about everything I had into it but struggled with the humidity. I finished 8 miles in 1:34 (A PR from training) but was 5th guy in. However, with the scoring of guys who did well on the run doing worse on the rucks and vice versa, my overall placement was 2nd out of the final 12 (2 guys failed). Needless to say, I got offered a slot to attend early. I was originally scheduled for an October class, but some spaces opened up and all 12 of us were offered early slots in September. So I officially found out 2 and a half weeks ago that I was going to Ranger School. Since then, I’ve been following the training provided for us in our pre-ranger platoon and mixing in some power/strength maintenance and stability elements similar to what you had me doing over the summer. I definitely hit my peak strength during that last little bit of the Summer cycle, but I’ve never felt better with my combined conditioning for running, rucking, bodyweight calisthenics, etc. I’ve done two separate 6 mile rucks, one at 55# and one at 65# and crushed both of them around 1:10. The ruck foundation we established this summer is definitely paying off. My running is way more fluid and controlled, and my mechanics are coming around. The best payoff though, is that I feel 100% healthy going into this weekend- no more joint issues in the upper body, no nagging pains, and my tissue feels great. I started tapering last week and I’m on an even larger taper this week. Probably going to shut it down after a light swim session on Thursday and continue to eat a ton of food.

Bottom line, I feel 110% capable physically for what I’m about to endure, and I owe all of that to you for the help you gave me this Summer. So again, thank you and I sincerely mean that. Anyways, if you have any last minute tips or advice I would love to hear them. I also put word out to a lot of guys preaching your programming. Hopefully you won’t hear from me for at least another two months, but I’ll be in touch on the other side.

Take care!